Relationship Counseling

The issues that arise in relationships are difficult for many couples to address and they find themselves unable to communicate effectively. I help by providing the communication skills, tools, and strategies for couples to begin the process of opening up and having those difficult conversations with one another, first in the context of therapy and eventually on their own.

As a relationship therapist, I work with all types of couples — married, unmarried, gay, straight — as they address key areas of contention — infidelity (and how to recover and thrive post infidelity), addictions (pornography, alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping), as well as intimacy including sexual intimacy.


Life transitions mean something different to everyone. Transitions can include an array of areas such as divorce or separation, a recent empty-nester, those coping with a post-surgical operation, weight loss, a new child, the death of a parent or loved one, moving, or changing jobs. I often say that life is simply a series of life transitions - with an ebb and flow to them. And while we may want to avoid them, most are a natural part of life and are handled best when we work through them.

Empowerment is creating an authentic sense of self and taking responsibility for one’s destined happiness. I help people take charge of their own life — rather than relinquishing that to someone else – and make the necessary changes to keep moving in the right direction. Core components of change therapy include encouraging growth and change while helping people move forward in a positive way.

Divorce Mediation

Couples struggling in their marriage may decide that the best thing to do is to end it. As a Divorce Mediator my approach is deeply rooted in the belief not only that couples can have a good divorce, but that they deserve one, too. Working collaboratively with both spouses, I help them to reach an agreement for their future: one that may incorporate custody and children, finances, the marital home, support, and retirement issues. As a neutral party, I listen objectively, help to facilitate communication, and provide a safe environment for each spouse to voice their needs and goals.

I advocate for neither spouse, but rather help the couple to identify what’s best for them. My solution-focused approach assists the couple to reach a settlement that each feels is fair and acceptable. Divorce Mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial, and cost-effective process and, importantly, you retain control of the outcome.

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